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An Example

#include "cat.h" #include "food.h" extern cat gluttony_cat; int main( void ) { food nom; while ( 1 ) // TODO: Check if cat is full { food_init( &nom ); food_prepare( &nom, "sausage" ); food_prepare( &nom, "bacon" ); food_prepare2( &nom, "potato", O_MASH | O_BUTTER ); food_prepare( &nom, "gravy" ); //food_prepare( &nom, "vegetables" ); food_feed( &gluttony_cat, &nom ); food_cleanup( &nom ); } } // this line is align to show where 80 characters is in the code boxes for me.. // this other line is align to show where 100 characters is in the code boxes for design reasoning.

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