Introduction / Timeline

Hello! If you're reading this, hopefully you are an estate agent. If you want the one click summary of this document, what I want is this property but with a bath.

I am looking to move closer to family near Charing Cross Hospital, but am under no time pressure and willing to wait for the right property.

There will be one occupant, primarily working from home (although I theoretically have a desk up in the Paddington area). I'm not a smoker, student, or other kind of concerning tenant ;) Additionally, there is no car nor pets that needs to be housed (although I would love to adopt a cat). The one weird thing I do have is a wormery, which I use to make compost and grew some vegetables!

Area and Budget

The primary areas I have been looking at are:

The initial budget is around 1600 PCM, but I can stretch higher for properties which match more of my ideals -- searches have been filtered at 2000 PCM max, but that would need to be an excellent property.

Property Requirements

These items are hard requirements, and I will not considered properties missing these features


The key requirement is space for a living/reception room, bedroom, and somewhere to put an office space. This might be a 'second bedroom', or a living space with sufficient room to cordon off and area for the purpose. The office space would need to have a source of natural light -- a south/west facing window for example.


Preferences for the property

This are nice-to-have features, which mostly give you an idea for my priorities.